Country:  Japan

This is the second of a three part message (I. Physical
Oceanography; II. CHEMICAL OCEANOGRAPHY; III. Marine Geology and
Geophysics) from the "Report of oceanographic studies in Japan
for the period from 1987 to 1990"  compiled by the Japanese for
the XX IUGG meeting in Vienna (August 1991) provided through the
courtesy of Tom Kinder.  It is the most informative of the three,
briefly discussing PROGRAMS, listing principal PLAYERS and
INSTITUTIONS, and providing an extensive REFERENCE list.  The
studies are grouped in 14 categories:  1. General and Physical
Oceanography studied with Chemistry; 2. Physical Chemistry; 3.
Chemistry of Anoxic Water; 4. Analytical Chemistry; 5. Gases and
Marine Atmosphere; 6. Trace Elements; 7. Radioisotopes; 8. Stable
Isotopes; 9. Nutrients and Biochemistry; 10. Organic matter in
Seawater; 11. Particulates and Sediment Trap Experiments; 12.
Sediments; 13. Basalt and Hydrothermal Activity on the Ocean
Floor; 14. Pollution.  As with the others, I have only counted
the references, but the complete listing is available upon