Country:  India

Msg. B. is the purely chemical portions of the Chemical
Oceanography section from the Indian National Institute of
Oceanography's Annual Report 1990-91.  The Environmental and
Pollution sections included there will be transmitted in a later
message.  The Indians are active, as expected in the chemistry of
nitrogen in the Arabian Sea as well as the chemistry of organic
compounds in coastal waters with respect to pollution.  An
interesting study is that of the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of
Mauritius.  Unfortunately just a brief description of chiefly the
Physical Oceanography is given.  Hopefully, more details of the
chemistry will be forthcoming.  The chemical oceanography program
is advanced in India and certainly is one of the major groups at
the National Institute of Oceanography at Goa, under the direction
of Dr. Sen Gupta.  He is retiring soon and will be advising the
Indian Government on the "Global Warming" question.