Contributory Category:  ENG

Country:  Japan

From:  Japan Technology Highlights
       29 June 1994
       v. 5, no. 13
       p. 6
       Translated from Japanese from
       Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

KEYWORDS: Japan;  Electrochemistry, Nuclear Fusion, Seawater

Announcement of the recovery of Lithium from seawater via an
"absorbent" called LICHITORU.  Plates coated with the absorbent
are placed in a stream of sea water and later removed for
recovery of the lithium.  The process was enhanced by flowing
water from Oita Harbour at 0.7 meters per second through the
recovery tank.  The concentration was 32,300 times.  Lithium is
used in batteries and in making nuclear fuel rods.  Production
costs of half that of from conventional land ores is claimed. 
More details are fortcoming at an Atomic Energy Conference to be
held in Tokyo in November 1994.