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Contributory Categories: ENG,ENV,GEO

Country: Japan 

From:  Proceedings of the First (1995) ISOPE
       Ocean Mining Symposium
       Tsukuba, Japan
       21-22 November 1996
       ISBN: 1-880653-21-4
       233 pp. 

KEYWORDS: Japan; Ocean Mining, ferro-managanese nodules,
polymetallic sulfides. ***ADDITIONAL KEYWORDS WITH EACH

Item 5

N. Rokukawa
National Institute for Resources and Environiment

     National Institute for Resources and Environment (NIRE) has
developed a hydrometallurgical process for recovery of Co, Ni,
and Cu from cobalt rich crusts.  NIRE process are the use of a
mixture of aqueous ammonium carbonate and ammonium sulfite
solution as leaching reagents, extraction of Ni and Cu in the
pregnant liquor with LIX84 as organic solvent, and alcohol
deposition of Co in the residue liquor.  The flowsheet for
recovery of Co. Ni, and Cu from cobalt rich crusts are presented.

KEY WORDS: Cobalt rich crusts, hydrometallurgy, solvent
extraction, cobalt, nickel, copper

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Item 6

K.H. Park, B.-S. Roh and D-J Kim
Korea Institute of Geology, Mining & Materials
Taejon, Korea
      The copper adsorption capacities of the manganese nodule
powder were 13mg Cu/g at solution pH 1.5, 40mg Cu/g at pH 4.5,
and 45mg Cu/g at pH 5.5, respectively.  The adsorption of copper
ions was found to be an endothermic process and increased with
temperature between 20 and 80 C from 39.9mg Cu/g to 48.7mg Cu/g. 
The adsorption of copper on the nodule powder increased with the
decreasing particle size and was not influenced by the addition
of sodium ions and different kinds of anions.  The amount of
copper adsorbed on the nodule powder descreased with the
increasing heat treatment temperature of the nodule powder.
(Without heat treatment: 40mg Cu/g, with heat treatment at 500 C
; 22.8mg Cu/g).

Key Words: Manganese nodules, Adsorption, Copper ion, Removal of
heavy metal

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