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Contributory Categories: GEO

Country: China 

From:  Nikkei Weekly
       10 June 1996
       p. 22  

KEYWORDS: China:  Offshore Cable, Fiber optics


by Kenji Yuasa
Staff Writer

Beijing-- China United Telecomunications Corp. (China Unicom) was
seeking foreign partners to help it lay 7,500km of underwater
optical cable that will link 27 coastal cities by 2000, officials
disclosed.  The project is estimated to cost more than 2 billion
yuan ($241.3 million).

     China Unicom wants a cable with throughput of 2.5 gigabits
per second running from Dandong in the province of Liaon'mg,
close to the North Korean border, to Fangcheng in Guangxi
Province, near the Vietnam border.
     The company plans to ask foreign enterprizes to build more
than half the cable.  It offers to reimburse construction cost
from future telecom-service revenue.  When completed, the link
will have a capacity of 720,000 circuits.
     Work on the first section, covering the southern boom cities
of Zhuhai and Shenzhen in the province of Guangzhou, is expected
to begin by the end of this year.
 China Unicom was established by the Electronics Industry
Ministry and Chinese private business.

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