Science Information Bulletin was a publication of the Office of Naval Research offering reviews of scientific programs, meeting, etc. outside the United States. The articles were written by the staff of ONR Asia and ONR London. The following articles were written by me during my tenure at ONR Asia in the early '90's. Sadly the publication was discontinued in '94. I continued to report on activities in Asian Ocean Info, initially a bulletin board on Omnet, and then latter as a feature of ONR Asia's Web site. Links to that were dropped after I left ONR in 1996. Articles available: * Japan's National Defense Academy * INTERGOVERNMENTAL OCEANOGRAPHIC COMMISSION-GEOLOGICAL GEOPHYSICAL ATLAS OF THE PACIFIC AND ATLANTIC PANEL MEETING-9-11 September 1991 * UNITED STATES - JAPAN COOPERATIVE PROGRAM IN NATURAL RESOURCES (UJNR) Panel on Diving Physiology and Technology 11th Meeting Hakone, Japan-Sessions on Deep Marine Technology * FIRST WORKSHOP ON YELLOW SEA EXPERIMENT YESEX-1 Seoul National University 10-11 April 1992 * 3rd ASEAN Science & Technology Week Regional Ocean Dynamics Conference September 1992 Singapore * Environment '93 Symposium on Remote Sensing in Environmental Research and Global Change 3-6 March 1993 Hong Kong