Class Notes and Sylabusses from UC Berkeley Courses

Graduate Courses Ocean Engineering Program

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CE 201 A Physical Oceanology CE 201 B Chemical Oceanology CE 201 C Geological Oceanology

-----Comment on names----- A real insight into academic politics. Initially courses were Oceanography classes. However, someone from Geography objected that only Geography should give 'graphy' courses. Of course, at the time there was nobody in Geography remotely qualified to teach any type of ocean course. (so much for academic honesty and a lot for academic turf wars) Prof. J. W. Johnson and I came up with the 'Russian' solution, as they call Oceanography, Oceanology. The courses were resubmitted and the same objection came up. However, Prof Johnson noted the courses were not 'graphy' but 'ology'. The objection was withdrawn as the Geography flack didn't realize or wouldn't admit that there was no difference. These classes were taught from 1965 to 1975 under the quarter system. Initially the class notes were given to the students. But by the early '70's, thanks to the waining support of higher education caused by the 'Free Speech Movement' and usual administrative ineptitude, the notes had to be purchased at a nominal charge from campus book and print stores. Eventually (thankfully after I had left), all ocean programs such as Ocean Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Marine Biology were dropped by the Berkeley campus and operation of the Bodega Marine Laboratory was transfered to the Davis Campus.