Downloads from the files of P. Wilde

Lotus Pond
Women in a boat on a Lotus Pond:  Hokusai (1760-1849)


o  Marine Science Group black shale data base analyzed by INAA contains:
    bsalldt3.wk4:  Lotus 123 ver 4 worksheet. 
    bsalldt4.xls:  Excel worksheet.   These files contains all pre-Pleistocene data.


o Iterative version of BLAG environmental model using algorithms of Kump and Garrels (1986, AJS). WARNING: iterations only work for early versions of Excel and 123. Modules would have to be modified to run in later versions. contains: k&g86.fm3 Lotus 123 Format file k&g86.wk3 Lotus 123 ver 3 worksheet kg86mdl.txt Text file Lotus 123 version explanation of operation of program. contains: k&g86.xls Excel worksheet kg86xls.txt Text file Excel version explanation of operation of program.


This download program has been superceded by two html programs which can be captured by your browser.
o OCEANIC CALCULATOR Various parameters as functions of Temperature, Salinity, and Pressure. This is an update of the Ocean Parameter Windows program done in Visual Basic. This version has more parameters and corrects some goofs. Another advantage is that the algorithms are embedded in the code so one can check them, which can not be done in the Visual Basic version without having Visual Basic and the original file. and
o CONSERVATIVE, NUTRIENT AND REDOX RELATED ELEMENTS IN SEA WATER Elements as functions of salinity (chlorinity); nutrients Phosphate, and/or Silicate; and Oxygen as a reducing agent. Discussed in Quinby-Hunt and Wilde (1987), includes extension of Redfield-Richards Plankton equation for regression of trace elements.
Visual Basic Version contains o Rapid calculation of various oceanic parameters as functions of Temperature; Temperature and Salinity, and Temperature, Salinity and Pressure. Formulae from published literature. Uses Windows pull-down menus to call parameters and slide switches or keyboard to input independent variable/s.
If you still wish the Visual Basic old version (less parameters) download: contains: ocean4.exe Executable Windows file vbrun300.dll dll file needed to run ocean4.exe if user does not have Visual Basic installed in Windows. Operational instructions are provided when program is run.


o Calculation of vertical redox profiles for three climatic conditions based on Wilde, 1987. Default value is for 100 % PAL (Present Atmospheric Level), but the spreadsheets can be modified for other levels by resetting surface value of dissolved oxygen. contains:
    gloxmdl.wk1  Lotus 123 worksheet for glacial conditions
    gloxmdl.fmt  Lotus 123 format file for graphics
    igoxmdl.wk1  Lotus 123 worksheet for inter-glacial or pre or post glacial conditions
    igoxmdl.fmt  Lotus 123 format file for graphics
    ngoxmdl.wk1  Lotus 123 worksheet for non glacial conditions
    ngoxmdl.fmt  Lotus 123 format file for graphics
    oxmodel.txt   Text file explanation of assumptions and operation