Office of Naval Research, Asian Office

Herein are files of the text of messages on the ASIA.OCEAN.INFO, an Electronic Mail read-only Bulletin Board operated by Pat Wilde from the Office of Naval Research Asian Office in Tokyo. These files are named according to certain conventions described below.
This feature is still under construction so not all files are easily accessible via the quarterly indices. This is partially due to some files not conforming to later Internet text file formats so you may have to download the file instead of reading it directly. I will try to correct that.

Messages by calendar quarter

1991_4, ordered by date,
1992_1, ordered by date,
1992_2, ordered by date,
1992_3, ordered by date,
1992_4, ordered by date,
1993_1, ordered by date,
1993_2, ordered by date,
1993_3, ordered by date,
1993_4, ordered by date,
1994_1, ordered by date,
********** 1994_2, ordered by date,
1994_3, ordered by date,
1994_4, ordered by date,
1995_1, ordered by date,
1995_2, ordered by date,
1995_3, ordered by date,
1995_4, ordered by date,
1996_1, ordered by date,
1996_2, ordered by date,

Naming conventions for files

Each message consists of two parts.  An "A" (ABSTRACT)
message which is a one screen description and summary of the
main message "B" (BASIC TEXT).  The "B" message contains, in
ASCII, the details of the topic in a much longer message,
usually no more than 10 screens (about 5 text pages).  If the
original "B" document is longer than 5 pages, it is split into
the appropriate number of "B" messages.  The purpose of the "A"
message is to give the reader some idea of the topic without
having to read or download the much longer "B" message.  At
present only ASCII text is being transmitted, so that figures,
maps, tables, and graphics are not included.  Generally the
figure cations and a brief description, where sensible, are
added to the text.  
     A goal for the future is a "C" (COMPLETE) message which
can contain everything..
     Each message has a header:

***********  +++++++++++++++++++++
MoDyYrT.CAT  + Source:  ONR Asia +
***********  +++++++++++++++++++++
Contributory Categories:



KEYWORDS: (geographic keys); (topical keys)
     Main Text follows

Mo  = two digit number of the month send
Dy  = two digit number of the day send
Yr  = last two digits of the year send
T   = type of message "A" or "B"
CAT = abbreviated topic designator of message as follows:
BIO: Biological Oceanography
CHM: Chemical Oceanography
MET: Meteorology
EDU: Education
ENG: Ocean Engineering &
Coastal Engineering
ENV: Environment
GEN: General or Multiple
GEO: Geological Oceanography
LOG: Quarterly Message List
***** ICE: Polar Oceanography
OAC: Ocean Acoustics
OBV: On Bottom Observa-
tional Platforms
PHY: Physical Oceanography
PRG: Programmatic
SAT: Satellites & Ocean-
ography from space
SHP: Ships & Naval
Obviously, not all categories are mutally exclusive. For each document, a main category is picked and contributory categories are noted in the heading of messages if appropriate.
This multiple category listing may be absent in the earlier messages.